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Why Am I Not Losing Weight? 5 Common Reasons

You’ve been doing everything you can to lose weight, including dieting and exercising, but after months of effort, the scale just won’t budge! This can be incredibly frustrating, but there are things you can do about it. 

Knowing the most common reasons why your weight loss efforts aren’t paying off will help you get back on track and help you set yourself up for long-term success with your weight loss goals. 

The trick to losing weight and keeping it off is to avoid making these five common mistakes when trying to lose weight.

1. Lack of planning

Most diets fail because people lack long-term motivation. Every day, we make choices about what to eat and what not to eat. For most of us, these are not conscious decisions; instead, they’re automatic and habitual.

When you develop a plan for what you want your diet to look like, it can give you more control over your choices (instead of just reacting).

When planning becomes a habit, something that occurs subconsciously or naturally—just like brushing your teeth or showering—you’ll be able to stick with it even if you don’t feel motivated.

Why Am I Not Losing Weight? 5 Common Reasons

2. You do too much cardio

Cardio is great for burning calories, but you want to mix it up a bit. Your body can’t burn calories at its maximum rate when it’s doing something it’s not used to.

That being said, don’t just stick to one type of cardio; change your workouts regularly.

Try sprinting and HIIT training for a couple of weeks, then incorporate some strength training on top of that for another few weeks. Follow that up with more cardio or do a mix of everything (two or three days each).

3. Too restrictive

What you eat and how much you exercise can make a big difference in your weight-loss efforts. If your diet is too restrictive, your body will not get all of its daily nutrient requirements, which can lead to many health issues. 

To lose weight safely but quickly, it’s best to start with a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Getting enough of these nutrients ensures that your body has what it needs to create new cells and repair existing ones. 

As well as being healthy, fiber also fills you up, making you feel fuller for longer periods than other types of foods.

Having a high amount of fiber in your diet will help prevent unhealthy snacking between meals.

4. Too much junk food

When we eat junk food, our bodies become confused. We start craving it more and more often, to the point where we end up eating large amounts of junk food even though we’re not hungry. 

The problem with junk food is that it’s calorie-dense and nutrient-poor; a can of coke might only have 100 calories, but it has no nutrients except for sugar.

That same amount of calories would get us a large salad made up mostly of vegetables with some beans or fish on top.

5. Not stopping Smoking

Smoking reduces your metabolic rate, slowing down your weight loss. Tobacco also contains nicotine, which is highly addictive and makes it difficult to control cravings. 

If you smoke, it’s important to quit before starting a new healthy eating plan or weight loss routine, as smoking interferes with all efforts to shed pounds.

Smoking also reduces blood flow and depletes oxygen from your body’s tissues; when combined with exercise, it can be especially damaging to your metabolism.


People struggle to lose weight for a variety of reasons, and these five are among the most common. If you are having trouble losing weight, be sure to check to see if any of these apply to you. For more help and advice, please leave a comment below or share this article with your friends and family.

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Disclaimer: This content only provides information and is not a substitute for medical advice. Before starting any diet or exercise program, please consult your doctor.

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